Thermal Imaging 


Red Rocks Certified Property Inspection LLC uses a thermal imaging camera intermittently throughout our inspections to help guide us to possible defects or anomalies in your home. However, many homeowners hire us to perform a full thermal imaging analysis of their dwelling. A thorough thermal inspection can greatly assist a homeowner in learning where energy loss is occurring or if they have hidden issues that cannot be seen with the human eye. Below is a list of frequently asked questions we often answer. Please contact us if you have specific questions regarding thermal imaging or the process. 

Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Have A Thermal Inspection?

Peace of mind. Infrared or thermal imaging is an advanced, non-evasive technology tool that helps our inspector locate unseen anomolies so we may show homeowners things about the home that can't be revealed using conventional inspection methods.

Can An Infrared Camera Detect Moisture And Leaks?

Yes, oftentimes the infrared camera can detect: • Hidden roof leaks before serious damage occurs • Plumbing leaks • Wet insulation • Water and moisture intrusion at foundations and the house perimeter that could lead to mold or structural damage

Can A Thermal Imaging Inspection Detect Energy Loss?

Yes, it is the #1 reason homeowners hire us for a thermal imaging report. Under the right conditions an infrared camera can detect: • Broken seals in double-paned windows • Lack of insulation and insulation gaps • Damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems • Heat loss and air infultration in walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors • Air-conditioner compressor leaks • Missing framing members and other structural defects

What Else Can A Thermal Image Scan Detect?

• Electrical faults before they cause a fire • Overheated electrical circuits, equipment and components • Overloaded and/or undersized electrical circuits • Circuit breakers in need of replacement In other circumstances, we have found: • Heat signatures from critters like mice, racoons and other pests hiding within the structure • Energy loss through wood-boring insects • Leaks in flues and vents. Early detection could prevent potential carbon monoxide poisoning

I've Heard A Thermal Camera Can See Through Walls. Can It?

The short answer is no. An infrared camera or thermal imaging has the ability to "see" temperatures and anomolies throughout a home the naked eye cannot easily see. It is simply one tool used to aid our inspector to locate possible deficiencies throughout your home.

Does The Thermal Camera Emit Radiation?

All objects on Earth emit some infrared radiation in the form of heat. An infrared camera senses "waves of energy" leaving a substance and it detects those wave-lengths. The camera converts infrared energy into an electrical sensor to be read on the camera screen. The amount of radiation emited by the camera is only as radiated as the battery inside it. In other words, very minimal.

Can An Infrared Thermal Camera See Through Clothes?

A quick haha. It cannot. A thermal imaging camera is not an X-ray camera.